spinachgames Online game community creation platform

spinachgames Is a way for players, content creators, and game publishers to add virtual goods
And a platform to create value for the game and the community

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Easy to use game cryptocurrency

The first cryptocurrency with a real purpose for online gamers. The ability to earn and trade virtual goods online on the most popular gaming community authoring platform


Real ownership game experience

Online players can move assets between games and communities, literally increasing the value of the smart wallet as they play


Online trust solutions

The platform provides a trusted and secure environment to address the issues of fraud and non-payment that have plagued merchants and game publishers


Real game community support

Users monetize their community through donations, rewards, in-game purchases, and extended goals. Players are rewarded by socializing and being valuable contributors

Spinachgames introduce

spinachgamesThe common certificate (" SPI ") introduced is the ERC20 token that allows players, content creators, and game publishers to add virtual goods and add value to the game and the community.

Users are highly engaged in community interactions to create unique communities, game content, and virtual economies.

There will also be a powerful open source software development kit (SDK), smart wallet, game plug-ins and payment platform frameworks

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about us about us Spinach

Mission and vision

Resolve online storage and management of assets that can be manipulated or repudiated.Scammers can damage a game's reputation and put an extra burden on businesses to deal with

Game publishers and communities rely on third-party platforms to handle virtual goods transactions.Slow, opaque capital flows, high transaction fees and commissions

Virtual items are only licensed to players for use on their proprietary platforms.Sometimes items can be manipulated, lost, or confiscated, and the user has little recourse

Virtual goods and currencies are often locked into a single game that is not transferable, and transactions outside the game environment are cumbersome and difficult

Developing a platform to manage virtual goods is time-consuming and expensive, and the complexity and security of managing the virtual economy on proprietary infrastructure raises a number of difficulties

The lack of value-based gamification in content management and forum software.Users are not rewarded for real world value through participation or contribution

spinachgames The team has practical capabilities and experience in software engineering, marketing, blockchain technology and business operations.We enjoy a good reputation and a long history in the industry.

Our team

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CEO&The creative director
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Full stack engineer
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Java Game engineer

spinachgames token

spinachgames The platform implements a Token called spinachgames Token, or SPI for short, with a constant issuance volume of 200 million and no additional issue. SPI is a decentralized blockchain digital asset based on Ethereum erc-20.

SPI is an application token that loops through the spinachgames ecosystem. SPI will initially exist as a liquid asset in our products and services. SPI also plays an important role in providing incentives to support ecosystem and community expansion.

token contract

1 ETH :1000 SPI

spinachgames Exchange contracts are innovative exchange agreements that cannot be controlled by any central authority or external administration

Contracts make all transactions traceable, transparent and irreversible, and investors can redeem their money in stages and receive token rewards

Incentive plan

< 1000 SPI reward


< 5000 SPI reward


< 20000 SPI reward


< 50000 SPI reward


historical market

Encryption currency Total circulation In circulation Highest price ever Record low


21 million

18.24 million

20,089 USD

0.0025 USD



109 million

109 million

1432 USD

0.4 USD



84 million

63.99 million

375 USD

1.1 USD



100 billion

43.6 billion

3.8 USD

0.0028 USD



17.12 million

17.12 million

495 USD

0.21 USD

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Teams and consultants

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Robin He is a research fellow at the institute for the future of mankind at Oxford University. He invented the hugely successful Gnosis and the market scoring rules behind the Augur token. He is well versed in predictive markets and co-authored the Foresight Institute's Foresight Exchange and the FutureMAP program.


Social science and economic advisors
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A well-known security expert is also a security consultant to Tezos and the founder of several security startups. His greatest interest is in how security technology can enhance personal freedom for people everywhere.


Security adviser
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With more than 10 years of business development and management consulting experience is the co-founder of Monitor, a former consultant and Singapore licensed emergency physician.


Business development & economic advisor

SPI "smart" wallet

The key component that makes everything easy to use is the SPI wallet.Based on the existing lightweight wallet design, SPI wallet further simplifies the user experience by integrating games and websites that users trust. User accounts on each trusted platform will be synchronized to the user's ethereum address.This combination of features simplifies the user experience, and we call it a "smart" wallet.

The list of trusted apis that users can specify in their wallet Settings ranges from the SPI API itself to trusted game publishers and third parties running the platform API. The wallet can receive push notifications to receive transaction requests and synchronize user accounts on each trusted platform. Users can send SPI to other users on the trusted platform by looking at their username and the wallet will find a matching contact and associated account address.